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Indian Education




In cases where owing to the smallness of the numbers of pupils in a school the total grant payable by Government is less than £250 the Board of Education may make up the grant to £250 after considering the greater proportional cost required for the efficient maintenance of the school and its importance towards a due provision of higher education for the area. [...] In the first place a Local Education Authority may pass a resolution informing the Board of Education that a particular school is in their view required as part of the secondary school provision of their area and that the nevi conditions as to the constitution of the governing body and the denominational character of the school may be waived with advantage in respect of the particular school. [...] Evidence of the value of industrial training is afforded by a study of the work done in schools under the control of the Admiralty the War Office the Home Office the Local Government Board and of various voluntary associations for the care of orphans. [...] To summarise the relative importance of the several items of Language-teaching permit me to say that for the Edifice of Languagteaching Translation ought to form the foundation Text-teaching and Grammar-teaching the superstructure and Oral Composition the finishing and polish ; and if steady and adequate attention be paid to these items the Edifice of Language-teaching will have become an [...] The aim of the universities is officially declared to be the teaching of such arts and sciences as are required for the purposes of the State and the prosecution of original research in those arts and sciences." Each consists of a university hall for the purpose of research and of certain colleges for the purpose of instruction.



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