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Indian Education




Public opinion chiefly expressing itself through the wishes of the parents may press for modifications in courses of study and in the arrangements of school lite Of these three powers —Act of Parliament direction by Government Departments and the pressure of public opinion —the last is in England the most influential though the changes which are due to it attract at the moment the least atten [...] But though this far reaching change in public opinion is the most important characteristic of English education at the present time the action of Parliament and the decisions of the Government expressed through the administrative regulations of the Board of Education are likewise significant and noteworthy. [...] THOUGH a certain section of the Marathi Press has taken partial objection to the language of the recently revised IVIarathi Readers the publication of the end number of Occasional Reports" Series from the office of the Director-General of Education in India has dispelled all misunderstanding as to the policy of the Government followed in the preparation of Vernacular Reading Books. [...] The report in question clearly shows that the Government has the greatest regard and considertion for the language sentiments and traditions of the people and that it secures the services of the best Vernacular Scholars representing the interest of different communities. [...] The selection and the gradation of the subjecmatter partakes of much of the gloom by which the language of the readers is characterised.



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