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All Tirhoot is much favoured by nature" was the remark of J. Routledge who was sent on an official tour round the district in 1792.1 The population of the nizamat lands in the collectorship of Tirhoot according to an estimate of 1790 was 12 36 308;2 and a similar reckoning for the lakhiraj lands of the district gives 6 08 001 as the number of male and female inhabitants in 1791.3 That is the [...] In 1818 the Collector remarked : With the exception of a very small potion of land immediately to the northward the whole of the district is in the highest possible state of cultivation."' Rice formed the chief agricultural produce of which one-third was locally consumed and the rest sent to Patna for the Calcutta and the western markets.' Wheat and barley were also eported in the same pr [...] The Indian mind in the very early days of human civilization endeavoured to probe into the heart of things and in so doing got at the idea of Onencss in the many the many in the world of senses and thought. [...] It is the representation of the amorous feeling thus improperly kindled that serves as the source of the sentiment of laughter and it is perhaps this that is in the mind of Bharata when he speaks of qT WRITiff:. [...] For example the erotic sentiment ( WiTTU) is connected with the permanent feeling love (Zfff) the pathetic sentiment (TVITTff) is allied to the permanent feeling sorrow (41T) the sentiment of the furious (ftTff) is born of the feeling of fear (WO but laughter (79') is said to be the permanent feeling which gives rise to the comic sentiment (qt-F7VT).

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