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The Journal of the Bihar Research Society




The writer -informs the Magistrate of some Pungah salt adulterated with Kiwi noon having been attached by two peons of the Bihar Salt Chokies in the shops of several persons named in the letter and requests a summary enquiry to be started into the circumstances of the case to be instituted as prescribed by Regulation IV of 1800 and Regulation XLVIII of 1803 'in order to recover the fine prescribed [...] The force and exertions of the Enemies of our Throne & the destruction of the foundation of the religion of Mahomed are attended with no advantages. [...] It is necessary for you immediately on receipt of the Royal Shukka to issue positive orders to the Battalions stationed on the Banks of the Ganges at Daranagurh to cross the river into the country of this rebel and create commotions in it that he m Ay desist from his evil conduct and being reduced to distress return to that quarter and you having the situation of the presence and the disturbances [...] By the help of God and' the fortune of Majesty what was our wish was perfectly accomplished and Zoalficar-ul Dowla perfrmed the duties of respect for 12 years and the Royal affairs were managed according to the desire of the wellwishers of the Throne after his Death in consequence of Contentions and disagreements between the Persons of Shallow Reflection brought forward by the Deceased Disputes [...] The success of Skanda against the Pusyamitras and the Hunas had made him the man of the hour and therefore supported by the peopole and the court he usurped the throne.


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