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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India January 1938




This method of stifling into silence the voices of the masteminds of the world raised in support of the innocent and the oppressed has been a recent development in the political life of the West. [...] Where are today the mighty empires of the Egyptians the Assyrians the Babylonians and the Persians ? Where are the vaunted glories of the Greek and the Roman empires ? Like bubbles on the surface of the sea they rose and melted away into nothingness leaving behind them only their ruins as landmarks on the road without issue. [...] The oneness of being and the infinitude of soul which is the sanction of all morality and the basis of univesal brotherhood must form the cornestone of the philosophical systems of the West as it has done in the East from time immemorial. [...] The raibow-hues of the morning sky the seven-steeded sun in lover-like pursuit of gold-haired rosy dawn ' the music of the spheres in the soft stillness of the night wean the mind from a deadening love of self and wash away from the soul the dust and dirt of daily life. [...] Hence the prayer to Agni the torcbearer par excellence and the companion of the mortal traveller on the immortal path : "He is the way the Truth and the life.'"9 He wards off evil and conducts the pilgrim as it were in a boat safely to the opposite shore across the sweeping flow of sin and evil to the expanding terra firma of heaven and the city that is impregnable.


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