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Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India




2. The intimation of the change of address for the period of three months or over should reach us before the 20th of the preceding month ; for a shorter period arrangements should be made with the local Poet Office. [...] „ Though based on the Bhashya the book is neither a translatitin nor even an abridgment of the same ; all that is important in the Bhashya has been embodied in the English commentary.; while no essential point has been left out a few of the pregnant hints scattered throughout the Bhashya have been elaborated in the commentary. [...] The more the body a the mind will get purified the more the su merged dirt the hidden dispositions acquir"1948 VEDANTA AND CIVILIZATION 339 in thousands of incarnations before will come to the top. [...] The heat of the Divine Name which brings them to the surface—the same heat will force them to abandon the fortress of the mind. [...] For this reason societies with less control of nature and less of physical well-being may stand higher in worth than a technically more developed community if the aims and actions of the former are a truer representation of the truths of man and the universe than those of the latter.


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