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The Private Diary of Ananda Ranga Pillai A Record of Matters Political Historical Social and Personal from 1736 to 1761 (Apr. 1750 - Apr. 1751)




It was indeed asserted by the French (and repeated even by so excellent a historian as the late M. Cultru) that the English at Ingeram assisted in the seizure of Yanam; but the correspondence of the chief at Ingeram shows that the English took no part in the matter'. [...] He gave an order on M. Guillard and told me to Foiconiments on this singular episode see the Introduction.1750] ASINDA AANC1A NUM 13 get the money and pay the China ship-man ; the tutenague was to be delivered to the merchants to be sold and paid for as soon as possible. [...] Afterwards the Governor ordered the soldiers and the peons (both the Company's and the Nayinar's) watcing Muzaffar Jang's house to be withdrawn. [...] Thereupon he resolved to march next day to Gingee and ordered Saiyid Lashkar Khan to issue grants according to your desire and to direct the gumastahs to write out parwanas restoring Arcot to Chanda Sahib and Adoni and the other countries to Hidayat Muhi-ud-din Khan. [...] He is much troubled by the condition of the north and the approach of the rains.



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