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Indian Mines Act 1923. Annual Repoprt of the Chief Inspector of Mines in India for the Year Ending 31st December 1938




For the complete figures of production of all minerals raised from excavations of all depths in British India and the Indian States reference may be made to the statements of the Mineral Production of India " published annually in the records of the Geological Survey of India and to the " Quinquennial Review of the Mineral Production of India " published every five years by the same Department. [...] Details of the activities of the Mines Board of Health in the Raniganj and Jharia coalfields are given in Section V of this report. from which it will be seen that the work of both the Boards is being satisfactorily maintained.4 In the iron ore mines of Singhbhum district there was a brisk demand for iron ore and a number of small mines re-opened during the year to meet the demand which towards [...] The stocks of coal at the collieries at the end of the year were much more than at the beginning. [...] The arrangement for the inspection of loading soft coke wagons at the collieries was maintained and the Committee are carring on experiments for the improvement in the quality of soft coke. [...] 53 machines were at work in the Jharia coalfield 115 machines in the Raniganj coalfield 3 in the Karanpu.ra coalfield 2 in the Giridih coalfield 3 in the Bokaro coalfield and 10 in the Central Provinces.


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