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Annual Public Health Report of the Province of Bihar and Orissa for the Year 1927




The monsoon period.—Two storms from the Bay of Bengal passed over the province in June the first occurring on the 5th and 0th and the second. [...] In the majority of districts it was over 5-1 seers and the price fell towards the end of the year.3 The provircial death-rate fell to 251 as compared with 25.7 in the previous year and 32.6 the average of the last ten years whilst the birth-rate rose to 37'G as compared with 37'2 in the previous year and 35S the average of the last ten years. [...] The reports are published in the Government Gazette and also by the courtesy of the management in several newspapers of the province. [...] By the publication of these statistics it is hoped to keep the public informed of the actual state of health of the large towns and of the prevalence of diseases in the districts and to demonstrate the utility of vital statistics. [...] The infectious diseases the spread of which largely depends upon ovecrowding density of population and the consequent facilities for infection are consistently more prevalent in the towns whereas fever s of which malaria is the chief arc more prevalent in the rural areas where the facilities arc greater for the breeding of anopheline mosquitoes and where the economic condition of the p


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