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The Thirty-Sixth Annual Report of the Calcutta Literary Society




The Ruler and the Maker of the Independent Kingdom of Nepal Member & well-wisher of the L. alcutta Literary Society In Recognition of Her great talents literar active encouragement of popular enterprise Charm of manner and accomplishment devotion to the cause of learning Her keen interest for the advancement of the Moral. [...] The Members of the Society the Graduates and UndeGraduates of the Calcutta University ani other gentlemen composed the bulk of the audience. [...] at 2 p. m. Letters of condolence were duly forwarded to each of the bereived families of the deceased and the office of the I Society remained closed for one day on each occasion in honor of the memory of each of the illustrious deceased on Monday the 29th January 18)1 at 4-30 P. M. good work-;--in the very year when His late-lamented Gentlemen we have assembled here this afternoon t cele [...] The Graduates and Under-Graduates of the Calcutta University and other gentlemen of the suburbs composed the bulk of the audience. [...] (r9) The nineteenth public Meeting for the Thirty-sixth session of the Society was held at the hall of the Scottish Church t ollege Cornwallis' Square on Wednesday the 12th July 1911 at 5 P. M. under the presidency of Mr.


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