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Report of the Civil Veterinary Department North-West Frontier Province for the Year 1918-19




Though the number of animals inoculated against both diseases was considOrably larger than in 1917-18, the spread of the epidemics was probably accelerated by the delay in reports oe the part of patwaris, to Which attention was directed last year, and also by the under- feeding of animals owing to the scarcity of fodder in parts of the province on account of the failure of the rains. [...] The dryness of the year, however, had one good effect, namely a reduction in the cases of hEemorrlaagic septicaemia, and the readiness of the people to produce their' animals for inoculation is an encouraging feature in the preventive campaign against this disease. [...] T. F. Quirke held charge of the Department throughout the year and the Chief Commissioner has pleasure in recognizing the good work of his staff, notwithstanding the difficulties of the year, and his own capable supervision of their duties. [...] At the close of the year there were 14 horse and 6 pony stallions Nninbir of stallions. —Table X. in the non-selected districts and Agencies of the Province against 13 horse and 5 pony stallions in the previous year. [...] The scheme proposed for the improvement of the pa,y and the pros- pects of compounders working in the Veterinary_ hospitals has been adopted in all the districts.


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