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The Indian Annual Register. An Annual Digest of Public Affairs in India Recording the Nation’s Activities Each Year in Matters Political Economic Industrial Educational Social Etc. July-Dec 1933




253 THE CATTRAL SIKH LEAGUE & KHALSA DURBAR 260 TIE ALL BENGAL LANDHOLDERS' CONFERENCE 261 THE ALL INDIA LIBRARY CONFERENCE 264 THE ALL INDIA MEDICAL CONFERENCE 270 THE WOMEN'S CONFERENCES 276 The All India Women's Conference The Calcutta Women's Conference The Oudh Women's Conference The Agra Women's Conference The Delhi Women's Conference The Cawnpore Women's Conference The A. I. Aryan Women's C [...] He was of opinion that, "We still have a right and a voice in the tariffs that India may make, and the implementation of the White Paper proposals will lose that for ever. " He ad- vocated that the remedy for Lancashire trade was to recover the control of the great Colonial and Crown Colony Markets. — Sir Laurie Hammond, at a meeting of the Union of Britain and India, said that despite his die-hard [...] The chairman at length yielded to the force of Sir Nripen's argument and allowed the reopening of the communal question. [...] Gandhsji's Letter to Government :—Gandhiji wrote a letter to the Secretary to the Government of Bombay, Home Department, stating his reasons for disban- ding the Sabarmathi Ashram and suggesting that the Government take posses- sion of the land, crops and buildings belonging to the Ashram and do what they like with them. [...] As regards the question of separation he states : "Although registering an emphatic opposition to Federation with, India on the same terms as any other province, the Burma Council has refused to choose separation on the basis of constitution outlined by the Prime Minister which I may remark offered Burma control of almost of the whole range of functions which it is proposed in the White Paper to t


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