The Study of Comparative Literature
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The Study of Comparative Literature




The column, erected- in our own citS, would mean moire to us if vire. ► knew something about Trajan's column or the Needle of Cleopatra, or the excla- , mation of Ndpoleon's mother : The Emperor is back again in the middle of Paris'," wimp his statue was replaced on the top of the column of the Place V. endOmee. [...] When we look tbris at the belle4, lettres pro- duction of those great nations 'who pOssesS a complete Merv, edifice from the time iai that of the orig of writing up to the present—that is, the great peoples of the EurO-Asiatic COntirient', or of the great circles pf culture, as Toynbee the historical morphologist understands them Nye clearly distin- guish a general trend of development. [...] Kunze in Nagoya trits to prove the tonnaetion of Chintse writing and language with Aryun :Ipti(Luity)t in the Nihongi," the Japanese chroniclt- said. to date from the " time of the Gods," the tales of the Toltecs (the predecessors of the ,Aztecs in Central America), the Hebrew books, the Gilgamesh tale, the Koran. [...] Courses like " Analysis of Ideas and the Study of Methods," "Structure and Idea in the Novel," " Introduction to the Method'S* of Literary Study " and " Biblio- graphy and the Techniques of Literary Scholar- ship " would be other possibilities. [...] Characteristic's of Languages of the Wo The above program is extremel► and does not fatt short of any of the programs actually in ,execution in 4he great univeiTities of the Atlantic world.

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