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Parliamentary Debates Parliament of India Friday 21th September 1951 Part II - Proceedings Other Than Questions and Answers Official Report




332 PSD 2974 PAPERS LAID ON THE TABLE PUNJAB SECURiTY OF THE STATE ACT, 1951 (PRESIDENT'S ACT I OF 1951) The Minister of Home Affairs (Shri Rajagopalachari): I beg to lay on the Table a copy of the Punjab Security of the State Act, 1951 (President's Act I of 1951), under sub-section (3) of sec- tion 3 of the Punjab State Legislature (Delegation of Powers) Act, 1951. [...] REPORT OF DELEGATION TO THIRTY-THIRD SESSION OF INTERNATIONAL LABOUR CONFERENCE The Minister of Labour (Shri Jagji- van Ram): I beg to lay on the Table a copy of the Report of the Indian Government Delegation- to the Thirty. [...] 1 take it that the central principle of this codification is that all the various customs in all parts of the country will, as a matter of fact, be so unified by the provisions of the Act that one law shall be applicable to the whole of India for the communi- ties concerned. [...] So far as monogamy is concerned, I un- derstand the public policy to be that the Government seems to be of the view the monogamy is a good thing for Hindus but then for the rest of the com- munity it does not apply; as regards my Mussilmail friends, many of whom I know do not like polygamy still the Government is undecided and has taken shelter under the specious . plea that they have, not been con [...] Those Members of the House who are interested in the sub- ject of custom versus the Code had better begin to apply their mind not to clause 3 but to clause 4 which is the main clause which deals with this matter of authority of custom as against the authority of the Code and the law.


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