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Census of India 1931 — India: Imperial Tables




The fly-leaf of each table indicates the table in 1921 to which the 19:11 table corresponds in every case in which the numerical order differs ; some rearrangement has been made in the tables in order that they may be as relevant as possible to the treatment of their contents in the Report Volume. [...] 3. Details of some of the principal States included in the Agencies and Provincial States groups will be found on page 4 where also is shown the population of the areas under British Administration in certain Indian States. [...] The Melomi-Primi area.(4 620) in the Sadr Sudivision and certain villages (2 200) in the Mokokchung Sub-division of the Naga Hills ; the area known as the ‘Zongling ' area (1 696) to the south of the Lushai Hills and certain Abor and Naga villages (7 195) in the Sadiya Frontier Tract all in Assam Total.. 35 058 Corresponding details for previous decades will be found on the fly-leaf of Imp [...] 35 058 86 633 1 793 365 2 672 077 5 713 902 33 139 081 3. The cause of the discrepancy in th6 sex details of the 1881 population of the North-West Frontier Province referred to in the first paragraph of the fly-leaves to the corresponding India tables of the two prvious censuses has been traced and reconciled in the present table. [...] The total population dealt with is this table falls short of that shown in Table I owing to the omission of 2 278 937 persons as no statistics were available of the number of villages situated in the Agencies and Tribal Areas of the North-West Frontier Province (2 259 288 persons) while in Burma no classification was possible of the 19 649 persons referred to in paragraph 4 sub-clause 4 on pag


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