Sirmur State Gazetteer 1934
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Sirmur State Gazetteer 1934




It is bounded on the north by the Simla Hill States of Balsan and Jubbal on the east by the Tons river which divides it from the Dehra Dun District of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh from which the Jumna also separates it on the south-east. [...] The third is 'the low range which runs from near Kale Amb to the south of Nahan and forms with the Dharthi an open valley -through the western half of which flows the Markanda Between the eastern extremities of this and the Dharthi ranges lies the wide. [...].. e Kiarda Dun itself may also be sub-divided into three ditinct tracts the Dun.proper which lies between the Jumna and the lower parts of the Dharthi range and Poke hills and is partially watered by 'the Giri and the Bata streams : (ii) the tract which comprises the Nali Khera and the adjacent hills of the lower Dharthi on the north of. [...] the Bata east of Jamun-Khala west of tilla Gharib Nath and south of Rajban which indeed may be regarded as included in it as it is a plain ; in the north-east of this tract and on the south bank of the Giri lies Sirmur the old capital of the State : (iii) the Par Duni tract which is surrounded. [...] The sal with occasional admixture of satin form close forest clothing the greater part of the Duns while on the slopes to the west Of Nahan in parts of the Siwaliks and on the lower terraces of the hills north of the Dun as far the Tons the sal extends into a forest of mixed species.

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