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Bengal District Gazetteers. Burdwan




A small portion of the Katwa subdivision lies to the north of the Ajay and the Khandaghosh and Raina thanas of the head-quarters subdivision lie to the south of the Damodar which here takes a sharp bend to the north-east. [...] The larger streams within the district are the Kunur a tributary of the Ajay the Nunia and Singaran which drain the Asansol subdivision and the Banka and Khari which flow into the Bhagirathi. [...] The Damodar embankments having closed all the old side channles of the river it was excavated in order to supply drinking water to the town of Burdwan and to scour out the old channels leading from the Damodar the silting up of which was supposed to be one of the principal causes of the outbreak of the Burdwan fever. [...] Beyond lay the country formed by the uncertain and ever-changing courses through the silt of the Damodar the Ajay and the Ganges which on the British accession was found to be the richest tract in Bengal and the area of its oldest and most settled cultivation. [...] The Aguris by their own admission are the product of unions between the Khetris of the house of Burdwan and the Sadgops of the Gopbhum dynasty and the caste arose within the last two hundred years.



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