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Bengal District Gazetteers. Midnapore




The most interesting places in this latter portion of the course of the Hooghly are Khejri (Kedgeree) which was formerly a reporting station for vessels the Cowcolly lighthouse the Hijili flat which stretches out from the shore below the Cowcolly lighthouse and the Hijili temple which stands 31/2 miles south-west of it on a point between the mouth of the Rasulpur river and the shore line. [...] The Kasai is embanked throughout the lower part pf its course; as a result of the embanking combined with the action of the tide and the large amount of silt it carries the bed of the river is silting up chiefly at the point up to which the tide flows. [...] Before the opening up of the district by railways and the destruction of the jungle which has accompanied extension of cultivation tiger leopard pig and deer were to be found in the eastern alluvial portion of the district especially near the mouths of the Haldi and other rivers. [...] CLIMATE The climate of the arid stretches in the north and west of the district is very different from that of the swamps in the east and south. [...] When the Muhammadan appeared on the scene they drove the Oriyas gradually southwards and for a considerable time the river Damodar was the boundary between the kingdoms of Bengal and Orissa Midnapore with the Arambagh subdivision of the Hooghly district forming the frontier of the latter kingdom.



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