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Bengal District Gazetteers Sambalpur




It is bounded by high hills on the north and south and the intervening plain is drained by the Ang river which rises in the south-west describes a great semi-circle to the north and then runs eastward in a widening valley Ambbhona and Lakhanpur lie to the north-west of the Bargarh subdivision and are cut off from the rest of the district by the Barapahar range. [...] The Sambalpur tahail 000upies the remainder of the district and here the villages are found along the banks of the Mahanadi river in the valley of the Ib river and in the valleys and glens in the Garh Loisingh and Jujumira samindiris to the south. [...] To the west the principal tributaries of the Mahanadi are the Jura and Jonk which flow through the Bargarh plain and join the main river in the extreme south of the district. [...] The rooky nature of the bed there and the double channel caused by the island afforded unusual facilities for in the first place the retention of the diamonds brought down by the river and secondly for the opeations by which the bed could on one side be laid bare and the gravel washed by tht simple contrivances known to the natives. [...] The leaves of the first are sacred to Siva the fragrant star-like flowers of the second are an object of worship and the twigs and leaves of the third are used on festival occasions for festooning the shrines.


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