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Constituent Assembly of India (Legislative) Debates. Monday 5th April 1948 Official Report




In fact the rationale of this scheme of unification of scales was temporarily to dowgrade the scales of pay in the Secretariat and to upgrade certain posts in the Audit and Accounts Offices in order to facilitate recruitment cf lersonnel to all the offices of Government of India. [...] The Pay Commission after consideration of all the representations addressed to them decided to maintain the prewar distinction between the posts in the Audit and Accounts offices and the posts of Assistants in the Secretariat. [...] N. G. Ranga: With regard to the answer to part (d) of the question does the practice of the Communication Ratings being asked to clean and wash the plates of senior ratings obtain in the British Navy.3168 colnftnnam ASSEMBLY OP INDIA {LEGISLATIVE) [5Ta Avian 1948 The Honourable Sardarnalder Singh:' I could not-say off hand; but I think the system in the Indian Navy Ili based on the system obtaini [...] csSeth Govinddas: (a) Will the Honourable Ministter of Defence be pleased to state the policy of Government as regards the dearness allowance war-bonus and the grain compensation given to the staff of the Central Ordnance Depot J uhhulpore ? (h) What are the reasons for the difference if any in the facilities given to the clerical and the industrial staff of the above Depot? [...] 2. The amount of the bonus will be one day's pav for each completed month of continuous employment from the 3rd September 1939 to the date of the cessation of hostilities and will be paid on discharge after the end of the war.


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