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Constituent Assembly of India (Legislative) Debates.Tuesday 23rd March 1948 Official Report




The Honourable Shri N. V. Gadgil: Part (c) of the question is whether there is any lady member in any of the Cantonment Boards to look after the education and medical relief of women and children and the answer has been given in the affirmative. [...] and murders in Delhi and New Delhi during the last four months; (b) the number of cases in which the culprits were caught red-handed or were subsequently traced; (c) the extent of the property looted or stolen and the extent of the recoveries made; and (d) what special security measure if any Government have taken to elimnate the chances of repetition of such ine'dents in future? [...] extent The extent The number The number The extent The extent The The of burglaries 0 f c; ses in of property of the prof daylight of cases in of the of the number number of during tho which ti.c loot d or pert y roloberi s wht h the property prope. [...] As they were anxious that the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act should be stilised to the fullest extent by the Co-operative movement for financing the agriculturists at cheap rates they extended the scheme of rebate to cover bills and promissory notes Arawn for the purpose of financing seasonal agricultural operations also and increased the rebate from 1 per cent. [...] Speaker: Therefore he is saying it.2572 CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY OF INDIA (LEGISLATIVE) [23RD MARCD 1948 The modifications recommended by the Education Conference recently called by the Ministry of Education in the above plan and the question of speeding up the execution of this plan are however still under the consideration of my Ministry.


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