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Legislative Assembly Debates Monday 24th March 1947




A list of the names of the schemes is laid on the table of the House. [...] The good offices of the Government of India are already at the disposal of the States and the provinces. [...] Ahmed E. H. Jailer: Will the Honourable the Leader of the House be pleased to state: (a) the amount spent by Government in converting the Library Hall of the Indian Legislature into the Constituent Assembly Hall along with the cost of -furniture electric fittings and other fixtures; (b) the amount spent on the first session of the Constituent Assembly; (c) the amount paid as allowances to the Mem [...] The Auditor-General who audits the 1 ccouats of the Constituent Assembly will in due course arrange for the insertion of a suitable note in the appropriation accounts giving details of the amounts spent by the Constituent Assembly. [...] Ahmed E. H. Jater: (a) Will the Secretary of the Works. Mines and Power Department be pleased to lay on the table of the House a statement on the proposals to extend the Hydro-Electric Power in the country?


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