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Legislative Assembly Debates Wednesday 19th March 1947




Sir Vijaya Ananda: (a) Will the Honourable the Commerce Member be pleased to state if it is a fact that Government in the first instance consider applications only for the import of capital goods from the sterling area and that in the case of applications for imports from non-sterling area countries 'Government require the importers first to ascertain that the goods to be imported are not availabl [...] (b) If the answer to part (a) above be in the affirmative have Government reviewed the case of the Afghan Sardars for better financial support in the light of the reply received from the Afghan Government? [...] (e) In view of the fact that the Park area is in close proximity to the "A" type quarters located in the Tibbia College Compound Karol Bagh Delhi do Government propose to extend the unfiltered water supply system from the Park -area to that of the "A" type quarters in the Tibbia College Compound for. growing vegetables? [...] Miss Maniben Kara: In view of the fact that there is only a very small road livhich separates the quarter will the Honourable Member consider the desiability of incurring that expenditure for the convenience of the employees of the Government of India ? Mr. [...] President: The question is: "That this Assembly do proceed to elect in such manner as the Honourable the President may direct eight members to serve on the Standing Committee for Roads which will constituted to advise the Governor General in Council in the administration of the CenfMI Road Fund and such other questions relating to roads and road traffic as may he referred to it during the finan


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