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Legislative Assembly Debates Wednesday 12th March 1947




Frank R. Anthony: In view of the fact that these offences were comitted within the jurisdiction of the civil authorities by troops who deliberately broke 'bounds' will the Honourable Member consider the desirability of allowing the civil police to investigate into the facts of the case? [...] "In the opinion of the Court the reasons for the incident on the 26th occurring are the incidents which occurred on the 24th which are primarily due to four BOR's. [...] Ahmed E. H. jaffer: (a) Will the Honourable the Home Member be pleased to lay on the table of the House a statement regarding the future recruitment to the Indian Civil Service and the Indian Police particularly metioning the arrangements agreed upon as a result of the talks on the subject between the Secretary of State and the Governor-General in Council? [...] *Haji Abdus Satter Haji Ishaq Seth: Will the Secretary of the Defence Department be pleased to state: (a) whether the attention of Government has been drawn to the leading artie!e iu the Amm doted the llth rrhrtiZAW 1947 ❑uvler iheh-Rling Muslimising the Forces; (b) whether Government propose to place on the table of the House a copy of the first interim recommendations submitted by the Armed Fo [...] F. and (3) the Army the present communal proportion of all ranks in these three Services and the proportion of officers community-Wise in these three Defence Services; (f) the communal composition of the Directorate of Personnel and the various Services Selection Boards; (g) the number of Indian Brigadiers and the number of Muslims among them_; (h) the communal proportion of the officers and the


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