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Legislative Assembly Debates Wednesday 5th March 1947




*Seth Govind Das: Will the Honourable the Finance Member be pleased to state: (a) whether Government are aware of the recent crisis in Bengal Banks; (b) If so the causes that led to the crisis and the effects thereof; (c) the number of banks in Bengal that failed during 1935-45; (d) the steps that Government are taking to alleviate the sufferings of the 'small hanks STARRED QUESTIONS AND ANSW [...] The Honourable Maulana Abul Kalam Azad: (a) The queStion presumably refers to paintings and.portraits in the custody of the Trustees of the.: IndiaMuseum or the Victoria Memorial Museum Calcutta or in the custody of the Archaeological Department in the Fort Museum Delhi. [...] (b) I invite the attention of the Honourable Member to the Memorandum sumitted to the Statutory Commission on the existing constitution of the Province of Coorg and its operation a copy of which is in the Library of this House. [...] The undersigned is directed to staff) that the Governor General in Council has had under consideration the question of the interim rlief to be granted to Government servants serving in departments other than Railways and Posts and Telegraphs pending the revision opay scales in the light of The Pay Commission's recommendations. [...] the Crown Finance Officer; the Financial Adviser Communications; the Financial Adviser War and Supply ; the Additional Financial Adviser Supply Finance; the Joint Flinn Adviser Munitions Production Calcutta; the Joint Financial Adviser Supply ; the Joi Financial Adviser Food; the Controller of Food Acccounts ; the Secretary to the Executiv Council; the 'Federal Court ; the Federal Public Serv


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